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By this time, I think most of us know that the answer to this is a mix of both yes and no.   The question of how, and why, is the issue of primary interest.  There are still a few of us who hold the older liberal view that corporations are always evil, and there are quite a few of us, the vast majority in fact, who hold the standard conservative view that corporations are “not evil.”  They hold this latter view, of course, because the corporations in question ultimately control so much of the money and power in our global society, that they influence the culture in their favour.  Since the majority of humans are “hardwired for hierarchy,” (see my post on this topic) and thus to be followers, it has always followed that the majority opinion has tended to favour whoever is in power:  whether it’s the king, the dictator, the emperor, the president, or the corporate CEO, humans tend to kow tow to the “big man.”  But is this even the corporations’ fault?  This is part of what we need to examine.

Let’s start by debunking the first myth, that corporations are “evil.”  What does this mean?  Visitors to this site often leave comments to the effect that corporations are greedy and grasping and manipulative.  Which in the aggregate is quite true, and in many specific cases is more than quite true.  Big tobacco, big oil, paint companies (who for decades hid scientific evidence that lead causes brain damage), and pretty much any other wealthy, hierarchical vested interest have long been happy to forsake the common good in pursuit of their own personal gain.  But again, who do we blame for this?  Can we blame “The corporation?” (more…)


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