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In Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry and his fellow writers came up with a vision of Earth in the 24th century which is a kind of utopia.  Because I’ve been watching the 1st and 2nd series on DVD, I’ve been thinking about the Trek writers’ vision of the future.

On the surface, their vision of Earth’s future sounds perfect, even ideal.  What are its main characteristics?

1)  “We have moved beyond the need for accumlating personal possessions.”

2)  This means, they have moved beyond the need for money, and, perhaps, beyond the need for private property.

3) At one point they meet a greedy business capitalist dude from the 20th century, and revive him, and he says “But what do you do here, to challenge yourselves, if there is no need to accumulate wealth?”  And Picard says:  “We challenge ourselves to become better people, physically, spiritually, and morally.”  Ok, but what does all this mean?

4)  Also, there seems to be an “end to war” at least on earth.

First, we need to clarify how this vision of 24th century Utopia Earth would actually work (if it would).  Then, we need to see if there is any practical way to get from here to there.  Can we do it?  Or is it a total pipe dream? (more…)


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