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My motto when traveling is “soyez prudents,” as the French highway signs have it.  This can be roughly translated as “don’t be stupid.”  So, when I travel, I try and avoid doing anything obviously stupid.  I mean, I have invested going on 20 years in postsecondary education and job experience in order to get a middle class job in my profession, so I’d prefer to stay on the planet long enough for all this to pay off.  In short, I’m not an adventure seeker:  I don’t climb mountains, I don’t skydive, and I have intentionally avoided being a combat photographer.  Even though I do have some adventurousness in my veins:  my grandfather was a dive-bomber pilot and flight instructor for the navy, so that’s about as thrill-seeking as you can get.  Though lately, since I’ve had kids and a bit of money, I’ve both been more prudent (due to the kids) and able to insulate myself from “adventure” while travelling.  As a rule, the more money you have, the less “adventure” you have while you’re travelling — unless you’re intentionally seeking thrills, that is, which for reasons suggested above, I don’t do.

But when you’re travelling on a shoestring, and especially when you’re younger and people therefore respect you less, a lot more interesting things happen to you, interesting being a euphemism for things which are potentially dangerous, uncomfortable, or anxiety-inducing.  But they’re usually the ones that make the best stories afterwards.  As the poet laureate Morrissey would put it:  “I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible.”  

So, without further ado, here’s Trivium’s list of the top 10 unintended things that have happened on my travels.

1.  I guess that having a shotgun levelled at your chest probably counts as a fairly dire predicament.  (more…)


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So the onion did a spoof on a day in the life of Noam Chomsky, in which he tries to have a relaxing day, but everything that he picks up reminds him of the foibles of the fallen world around him, so that he ends up just caving in and writing “just one” well-reasoned and scathing essay about the evils of capitalism, etc. 


The pathetic thing is, that I have been raised in enough of an Chomsky-ite intellectual context, that I find myself doing way too many of the things that poor Chomsky finds himself doing, in the context of just trying to relax.

Time magazine?

Price is right? 


A drive in the countryside?  (Which reminds Chomsky of the evils of big oil… for me, it has the effect as often as not of thinking about the horrible evils of overpopulation and overdevelopment, and of the greed of developers, and the foolishness of so many people who refuse to stand up for sustainable development, and meanwhile watch as their once-beautiful home towns are ruined by a few greedy wealthy people). 

So, yeah… the point being… no wonder no one likes to be around me anymore… every normal pleasure in life has become connected with a greater part of a “system” which is fuelled by so much silliness, and which could so easily be so much different if only people could just wake up just a little bit, or if the elites would stop being so self serving, and so deliberately manipulative to “the masses,” etc., etc.  (more…)

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